The Find Serial tab requests a serial number and displays the detailed information about that number on the same page. The information includes links to the page or pages that provided the core information. The Search tab provides a general search based on the value or values you enter in the fields. There are further instructions on that screen. When you submit the query, the results are displayed on the Production tab. The Production tab shows two tables. The upper table shows the summary information about the watches that were found by the search you requested.

Pocket Watch Identification and Value Guide

Please use the following tables to help determine the approximate age of your watch. Remove or open the back cover from your watch and look for a number engraved into the movement; this is the serial number for your watch, and by using it, you can find the closest years it was made on these tables. Please note there is a difference between the number marked on the movement and the one marked on the case.

These tables are only accurate for the movement serial numbers. Gilbert, et al.

vintage pocket watches, collectable timepieces dating back to the early ‘s. BALL POCKET WATCH “WALTHAM” GOLD FILLED RR CASE 16 SIZE AND.

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Brief History: American Waltham Watch Company

Post a comment. The good news is that this is a fairly easy thing to do if you follow some simple guidelines. The good news is that all Waltham pocket watches have some value even if it is only for scrap parts. Some pocket watches are in such poor condition or beyond a state of repair that it makes it a waste of time to try and repair or restore them. Don’t throw your Waltham watch away though as many people will buy it from you to use as spare parts.

Waltham pocket watch dating. LANGEnglish Ebay eBay Getting Started Buying Guide Wristwatch Database Hamilton, South Bend, Illinois, Rockford, Waltham.

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Rare Government Railway Melbourne Australia Issue Railway Pocket Watch By Waltham, Circa 1895

There are several keys to determining the value of a pocket watch; they include adjustments, jewels, brand name, and whether or not the timepiece has been converted to become a wristwatch. All antique pocket watches are not created equal. Some of the most valuable watches are railroad pocket watches because they were produced with government-required exacting standards to ensure they kept accurate time.

Place the screw-down Waltham pocket watch face down in the palm of your hand​. Locate the seam between the case back and case. Place your fingertips around​.

Today, Waltham watches remain highly desirable collectible timepieces. Dating a Waltham is an easy task. The watchmaker kept thorough records of its products. Waltham etched a serial number on every watch movement along with its name and trademark. Unlike other watchmakers, Waltham went the extra step by usually identifying the model of the watch on the movement as well. This information can be used to find the year that the watch was made. Use a flat blunt blade to pry open the snap case back of a Waltham wrist watch.

If there is no lip, carefully wedge the blade into the seam and lift. The case should pop open. Carefully examine the case back of a Waltham pocket watch.


View Dealers Items Dealer favs. Gentleman’s original American Waltham, U. Looks to have been much loved and very well cared for – her condition certainly reflects this.

Waltham Features manual wind sub second. Data ”’, Dm= mm, Do=​mm. H= mm 9/17/21 jewels f = A/h. Hands x / mm.

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How to Determine Value of Waltham Watches

America entered World War I in April of , one year before the conflict ended, and it has been recorded that many doughboys arriving on the continent were in fact issued wristwatches. Though these watches were not given mil-spec markings like their counterparts issued to, say, the British Expeditionary Forces, certain models were produced specifically for military use and officially issued to U. American watch manufacturing firms such as Waltham and Elgin produced watches for U.

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Waltham watches values vary tremendously. Finding the value of a Waltham or any collectible watch needs to take into account many factors. The Waltham Watch Company, also known as the American Watch Company, made over 40 million watches, clocks and other precision implements between the years of and The watches are highly collectible and people often want to know Waltham watches values. The value of any watch takes into account the condition of the watch, demand for the watch and how many are available for purchase.

The best way to find the value of a Waltham watch is to take the watch to a professional and qualified watch dealer and valuer. There are many individuals and companies that specialize in vintage and antique watches. In order to find out Waltham watches values, a valuer will consider the following:.

Waltham Watches

If you are lucky enough to own a Waltham watch you might find it is more valuable than you think, especially if it is in pristine condition. Waltham watches are highly collectible and some specimens are a worthwhile investment. See some expert watch investment tips from a Master Watchmaker here. Of course, the only way to know the true value is to take your Waltham watch to a professional watch valuer or a Waltham pocket watch expert.

Source: Wikimedia Commons. In Aaron Lufkin Dennison, Edward Howard and David Davis formed a company with a plan to develop machinery that could mass produce watch movement parts with precision and render them interchangeable.

The serial number () allows you to date this watch. This pocket watch was made in You can find this information on the American Waltham page.

Waltham pocket watches are perhaps the easiest timepieces to date. The American Waltham Watch Company can trace its roots to Each timepiece has been engraved with a serial number since , starting with number The serial number will pinpoint the year of manufacture but not the exact date. Serial numbers to date the watch are only found on movements. The number on the case provides no information.

Place the screw-down Waltham pocket watch face down in the palm of your hand. Locate the seam between the case back and case. Place your fingertips around the edge of the case back. Rotate the case back counterclockwise until the case back is free from the case. Use a jar lid grip remover for stubborn screw-down case backs. Never force a case back. If the case back remains immobile, take the timepiece to an expert in pocket watch repair for removal.

Pocket Watch Antique 1917 Waltham 7 Jewel 9ct Rose Gold Filled Dennison Case FWO

Text last update 21st August From Kembery Antique Clocks Ltd you can expect a genuine pocket watch with a written 12 month guarantee which has been serviced to a high standard. For our International customers please email us and we can give you a competitive postal quote which is also fully trackable.

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The Waltham Watch Company was founded in by three ambitious businessmen from Massachusetts, United States, with the aim of manufacturing watches of high quality at a low price. The company explored the use of interchangeable parts and automatic watchmaking machines, which would make the Waltham Watch Company the world’s first industrial mechanical timepiece manufacturer. President Abraham Lincoln was gifted an industrialised pocket watch – one of the first of its kind – by the watchmakers to mark his abolishment of slavery.

Whilst the company underwent several changes of name and ownership throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, it continued to produce revolutionary timepieces contributing to America’s great industrial history. Waltham clocks and speedometers were fitted in the cars of notable brands, including Ford and Cadillac, as well as being used for military aircrafts during the Second World War. After moving to Switzerland in the s, the company today trades under the name Waltham International SA, manufacturing luxury Swiss-made watches.

O, taken by Henry D. Warren in Washington, D. The dust cover paper on the back present, but incomplete reads: “This picture is the property of those who now work in this department and is donated by them to those who may follow them in the future. Black, Foreman, Waltham June []. This open-face key-less pocket watch has a gorgeo.

Vintage Waltham Wristwatch